Strategic Advisor, Retreat Facilitator, Public Speaker Chief Financial Officer, CPA

"From Big Picture to Small Details – I Look at the Whole Business Before I Advise, Value or Share Insights"

In-person at your site, virtually, or get away with Steve to focus on business strategy at
Totally Whole's retreat house (up to 8 people):

TOTALLY WHOLE EXECUTIVE TEAM RETREAT HOUSE in country setting but with full technology located 30 minutes west of Indianapolis!

Unique insight on the inner workings of growing your vision

from idea to birth to thriving organization...

From experiences in several successful start-ups, Steve reveals the attitude and conviction needed to weather the storms and respond to changing priorities while maintaining an attitude that inspires others to stay the course, keep the vision and reap the rewards!

He also shares humorous stories of life at a start up that you don’t hear in the news or media. “I’ve been blessed to work beside many of Indy’s best leaders in my career and understand why they are so successful. I enjoy sharing some of the stories they don’t tell because of their humility. Some are funny, all are inspiring.”

“I have reported to all of these visionaries at some point in my professional life: Chris Baggott, Scott Dorsey, Scott McCorkle, Traci Dolan, Don Brown, Steve Ehrlich, David Kerr, Frank Dale, Bill Johnson, Jenny Vance, Ken Gramley, Dave Wortman, Scott Webber, Phillip Sanders, Ali Sales, Steve Head, Tom Vanneman, Kathy Kinder, and Keith Midkiff.  I have also completed projects for other leaders such as Christopher Day, Rod Reasen, Andrew Lockerbie, John Hurley, Wayne Patrick, Scott Hill, Andy Medley and Don Scifres.  And, I have worked along side some amazing peers to accomplish company and team goals - people like Bill Godfrey, Scott Bleczinski, D. Wayne Poole, Shelly Griffin, Scott Thomas, Joe Kuntz, Mark Boxberger, Wes Winham, Rob Vaughan, Joanna Milliken, Jason Leet and Janet Monroe just to name a few.”

“I enjoy sharing first-hand insights into the sacrifices and choices these mentors made during the early days, before they were known for their accomplishments.”