"Steve Fouty is the best kept secret in Indiana, except that he isn’t a secret to any of the people responsible for the most successful exits in the area, like Bill Godfrey (Aprimo), Scott Dorsey (ExactTarget), and others. I can’t tell you how excited I was when Steve chose Emerging Threats to be the next company he wanted to join. I knew he had a track record for picking winners, and I was hoping his joining us would be a good omen. Clearly it was. Steve’s expertise has been instrumental in us cleaning up our finances and moving from 'startup mode' to that of a real business. He is knowledgeable across a wide range of areas. Obviously he is an expert in finances, but he also can handle human resources, benefits, leasing, facilities, and about anything else you can think of."

- Ken Gramley, Former CEO, Emerging Threats.  Now COO at ZIOINC.


Steve Fouty was the Controller of ExactTarget and helped to take the company from a small startup to one with revenues in excess of $100M. He established and grew an accounting department both making employee hires and also implementing accounting systems. He was responsible for budgeting, all accounting and treasury functions in addition to working on sales compensation plan designs, etc. He did an excellent job in a dynamic environment. He is an excellent communicator and was well respected by all inside tthe company. I would jump at the chance to work with Steve again. He has the right mindset and experience to work in fast paced environments and will inevitably be a key contributor.

- Traci Dolan, Former CAO and CFO of ExactTarget.  Now Board Member/Advisor.

My recommendation of Steve is very simple: without him we would still be seeking answers and the information needed to make key decisions. Steve's experience in SaaS and Startup companies is invaluable to us. We love having his regular input and guidance.
Trustworthy guidance from someone of integrity is hard to find, we found that in Steve!

-Andrew Lockerbee, Former Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, Sprinkbuk.  Now Vice President, Healthx.

Public Speaker, Strategic Advisor, Chief Financial Officer, CPA

"From Big Picture to Small Details – I Look at the Whole Business Before I Advise, Value or Share Insights"

I had the opportunity to work with Steve as CFO at Compendium. He is not only detail oriented and focused on organizational growth. He is genuinely concerned with the overall well-being and morale of the employees. He is a keen contract negotiator and overall strategic thinker. It was a pleasure working with Steve and I look forward to our paths crossing again in the future.

- Abby Warner, Former Director of Product, Compendium. Now Chief Operating Officer at the Brookfield Group

I've had the pleasure of working with Steve for many years including most recently at PolicyStat. Steve has that rare combination of being able to nail the details necessary to deliver good financial reporting without missing the bigger picture of what it takes to make a tech company successful. He is a good partner to have on your Sr. leadership team.

-Mark Boxberger, VP Client Services and General Manager, iContracts (PolicyStat)

Steve was a valuable member of our accounting team. A very good manager who planned ahead. Terrific team builder. Solid accounting and technical skills. Very dependable. I highly recommend Steve.

Kathy Kinder, Former CFO, Made2Manage Systems.  Now CFO Boosterville.

Steve was one of the best managers I've ever worked for. He had a big-picture vision while at the same time, understood and embraced the small details required to get the job done, willing to roll up his sleeves at any time to help out with questions we may have had. Fair, kind, considerate, and always taking an interest in the people who worked for him, he motivated his team to do the best work possible, sharing knowledge and skills whenever possible. Some of the fondest memories of my accounting career came when Steve was my manager.

-Kevin OIldham, Former Finance Manager, Made2Manage Systems.  Now Controller at Kittles Furniture.

I have worked with Steve Fouty on two occasions in my career, and in both cases he has been a key member of our teams. Steve's knowledge of accounting, finance, budgeting, and financial modeling are all very strong. Steve's skills in all of these areas really came into play at PolicyStat where he truly established our accounting platform and built the necessary tools and reports for effective financial management of the company. He is very knowledgeable in the area of SAAS revenue recognition and is a very effective collaborator in the management of a SAAS business model. He is a good person and a great team mate.

- Steve Ehrlich, Former CEO of Policystat.  Now COO/President Bostra LLC.